Omsk doctors saved two children from a rare disease

Omsk doctors saved two children with hemolytic uremic syndrome, which was preceded by the usual intestinal infection, told reporters on Wednesday the Ministry of health of the region.

As explained in the Ministry of health, to recognize dangerous hemolytic-uremic syndrome for the usual "disease of dirty hands" was difficult. Thus when the patient falls ill with this disease after the usual intestinal infection begin to suffer vessels, the kidneys. If the syndrome is run, affects the brain, the person may remain disabled or die.

"This syndrome occurs three to six cases per 100 000 children under the age of 6 years. Rare that we have two such patients at a time, but our doctors are prepared for unusual situations. Both patients are in serious condition, was quickly assembled by the Council and the prescribed treatment," - said the chief doctor of the children's Omsk city clinical hospital № 3 Andrey Sukharev.

According to him, the children were some time in intensive care. The medical Director said that now it is possible to say that the worst is over, children will be able to lead a full life. According to the physician, in the summer, parents should ensure that children will wash their hands and not played in the mouth dirty vegetables, fruits, toys.