In the Leningrad region reduced the number of restrictions on the coronavirus

Bani and employment centers opened in the Leningrad region from July 16, the press service of the regional government.

"In the Leningrad region from July 16 to open the bathhouses, employment centers, and the newlyweds in the registry office without masks," - said in the message.

The press service also noted that the school of camp of day stay in "yellow" and "green" zones can resume work from July 16.

Without protective masks will be during the solemn ceremonies of registration of marriage, exercising at fitness clubs and swimming pools, baths and cafes. "As for wearing masks in hairdressing and beauty salons, without them you can only be in those cases when it is impossible to provide a service to the visitor in a mask", - stated in the message.

In the field of commercial activities of the former restrictive measures maintained. All food service establishments to remove restrictions on the occupancy of the tables seats. Still in the "red" and "yellow" zones can work only in summer cafes and terraces in the "green" allowed to work in the premises, provided the occupancy of the hall to half.

In addition, a number of groups in kindergartens "red" zone increased up to 17 people, in the "yellow" zone up to 20 people in the "green" zone kindergartens run full.

"The work of cultural centres, theatres, and concert activities permitted on the territory of the Leningrad region, provided occupancy of the room not more than 50% of the audience wearing masks. Previously on "red" and "yellow" zones is allowed only holding a rehearsal," - said in the message.

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