Panasenkov responded to the accusations of the historian Sokolov in the persecution

Writer and historian Eugene Panasenkov the radio station "Moscow FM" called accusations of harassment from colleagues of Oleg Sokolov, accused of murder, lies and slander. He intends to file a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity.

According to the journalist, the tragedy turned into a farce, and all statements Sokolov — "this is nonsense, the gray gelding, or even a raving madwoman". Panasenkov believes that he will win this trial. In addition, according to him, Sokolova from the very beginning was a "behavior matrix killer". Moreover, according to the publicist, the historian "attacked" him first, removing the slanderous videos.

"I'm a young man, I in addition to my scientific principles, there is nothing, I have no resource," said Panasenko.

According to him, the falcons lost to him by the court on October 29.

Informed historian Oleg Sokolov said that the murder of his graduate students and mistress Anastasia Yeshchenko pushed him "traumatic impact" of his opponent Eugene Panasenkov. According to the Professor, writer and "criminal group" began its persecution.

According to investigators, at night on November 8 last year, the falcons at home shot a graduate student Anastasia Yeshchenko, who lived with him. The next night, he dismembered the body to get rid of him, and tried to drown the remains in the Sink, but he slipped into the water. He pulled out of the river with a backpack, in which were fragments of the female body. Other parts found in the apartment of the historian. Sokolov admitted to the crime and the motive named quarrel with Eschenko.