The Finance Ministry said about the lack of risks to debt stability in Russia

The Finance Ministry currently sees no risk of loss of debt sustainability Russia, said the Director of the Department of state debt and state financial assets of the Ministry Konstantin vyshkovsky.

The head of the Department added that the Ministry of Finance pays close attention to the cost of borrowing and distribution of the debt burden over the years.

The head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina in may, said that the regulator sees a space for increasing the national debt of the Russian Federation, but this margin should only be used in extraordinary circumstances.

In the current budget act, net borrowing of the Ministry of Finance on the domestic market in 2020 is planned at the level of 2.3 trillion rubles, and the net amount of borrowing is 1.7 trillion rubles. Deputy Finance Minister Vladimir Kolychev has declared that the Ministry of Finance focuses on the increase in the borrowing program in the current year to about 5 trillion rubles in gross terms.