Israeli expert assessed the situation in the country because of the crisis after the pandemic

The situation in Israel in connection with the crisis due to coronavirus and dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is tense to the limit and may at any moment explode, said RIA Novosti political analyst Yigal Reingewirtz.

Reingewirtz noted that Israel is the state of startups, and the Israelis are entrepreneurial, so they "do not hope for social assistance from the state,... everyone understands that we need to work hard to take the initiative".

Reingewirtz expressed the hope that "the draft law on subsidies to businesses, private entrepreneurs, employees in time will finally come, and it somehow calm in the truest sense of the hungry people."

The protest was held on Tuesday evening at the residence of the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. During the riots that broke out after the protest, police arrested 50 people on suspicion of disturbing public order, damage to property and assaulting police officers and members of the press. As the media reported, thousands of protesters demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister in connection with the judicial process against him, as well as crisis due to the coronavirus.

Earlier on Saturday evening, residents of tel Aviv, mostly self-employed, came to the square, Yitzhak Rabin, in protest against actions of the authorities during a pandemic coronavirus. Then during the riots were detained 19 people.