The headless body of a millionaire found next to the saw

In new York, the police found in one of apartments of the condominium, the man's body and lying next to an electric saw, the newspaper reports NY Daily News.

According to preliminary data, the victims is 33-year-old entrepreneur Fahim Saleh. He bought an apartment last year for 2.25 million dollars. Saleh owned a startup delivery in Nigeria, and was also connected with the sphere of venture capital. According to law enforcement sources, investigators expect that the body will be able to find clues.

The body was found by the sister of the deceased. She came to the apartment to her brother, who had not seen during the day, where he found the dismembered corpse. According to sources, the surveillance camera in the Elevator was able to capture last moments of man's life: the video shows that the victims followed the man in gloves and mask. After the man got off the Elevator, he fell — maybe he was shot or stunned.

According to police, the perpetrator acted professionally.