Rogozin spoke against weapons in space

Russia believes that the space should be free from weapons of any kind, said Wednesday the General Director of "Rosatom" Dmitry Rogozin.

"We need to keep outer space free from weapons of any type, keep it natural for a long-term and sustainable use of both our and future generations," - Rogozin said at a video conference of heads of space agencies of the BRICS countries.

He noted that over the past few years has increased the number of participants in space activities, and against this background urged his colleagues from the BRICS to cooperate on technical and scientific level, but also in "issues of improvement of legal regulation of outer space activities".

"Roscosmos" is of the view that space is the province of all mankind, and the approaches to study and learning should be based on "the principles of equality, mutual respect and mutual benefit", said Rogozin.

This approach together with the implementation of international space law, he said, to avoid tension between the two countries.