"Get even in space": why is NATO afraid of the Russian system s-500

The destruction of Intercontinental ballistic missiles, the interception of hypersonic vehicles, high noise immunity and mobility — the Russian army in the coming years will be promising air defense system s-500 "Prometheus". According to experts, similar weapons with similar characteristics will not be able to create in any country of the world for at least another ten years. Strong "Prometheus" — in the material RIA Novosti.

The first system to intercept long-range s-500 "Prometheus" will go to the troops in 2021-m Now continues testing at the sites of the Ministry of defense. Test firings confirmed all declared characteristics. According to representatives of the military authorities and the industry, C-500 ready for serial production. Will soon begin trial operation, and the mass shipments scheduled for 2025.

On a new family of anti-aircraft missile systems began in the early 2010's. "Prometheus" is the fifth generation of Russian AAMS, created with the development of means of air attack in the next 25 years. S-500 is able to solve problems as air and missile defense, including to capture objects in the upper layers of the atmosphere, that is, in fact, in space, hundreds of kilometers away from Earth.

The main purpose of promising AAMS — anti ballistic medium-range missiles. But "Prometheus" is ready to destroy if necessary, and Intercontinental ballistic missiles in the terminal phase of their flight, and in certain cases — and on average. A significant advantage of the C-500 — the ability to intercept hypersonic targets, not to mention aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles of all types.

The radius is increased, according to some, up to six hundred kilometers — about two hundred more than the fourth generation AAMS With-400. "Five hundredth" alone detects and fires at the same time dozens of ballistic targets flying with a speed of seven kilometers per second.

"S-500 will be a kind of intermediate bridge, closing the gap between defense systems and missile defense, — explained the RIA Novosti military analyst Alex Leonov. — Thanks to C-500 and the latest system A-235 "Nudol" in Russia will create a continuous air-space defense. That is, all the height and distance close".

Obviously, such high rates of s-500 has provided a new, more powerful and high-speed ammunition. So, in the Arsenal of "Prometheus" is a long-range rocket 40Н6Е, already tested the air defense systems s-400 "Triumph".

Earlier it was reported that the state tests of the missile was completed successfully at the Kapustin Yar. According to a member of the expert Council of the military-industrial complex of Russia Viktor Murakhovski, 40Н6Е is the first missile developed by Russia from scratch and not a rework of any Soviet family. Range — about four hundred kilometers, while the other missiles s-400 to destroy targets at a distance of no more than 250 kilometers.

Murakhovski explained that first of all 40Н6Е designed to intercept the reconnaissance planes that are out of reach of air defense systems.

"Rocket 40Н6Е is a "long arm", which is needed to combat AEW type, AWACS, reconnaissance aircraft RC-135 in various versions, as well as reconnaissance aviation complexes like the American E-8 Joint STARS," — said the expert.

Besides, considerably will extend, and other features of "Prometheus". In particular, the s-500 is much more powerful radar that detect any targets and transmitting their coordinates anti-aircraft missiles.

Leonov, in turn, noted that Russia is much ahead of manufacturers of anti-aircraft guided weapons. Even the latest Western development at times lagging behind the characteristics of Russian missiles.

Experts interviewed by RIA Novosti, believe that "Prometheus" will not replace completely the troops of the air defense system of the previous generation, and will be a significant addition of air and aerospace defense along the Russian border.

"S-500 will greatly enhance the ability of layered air defense system, said the ex-zamglavnogo of the air force the United air defense system of the countries — participants CIS the General-Lieutenant Aitech Bizhev. — The C-500 will work in a single system, not by itself, it will become an integral part of the defense. This is a further stage in the expansion of technical and combat capabilities of s-300 and s-400. At the expense of range, ability to destroy difficult targets, hypersonic objects of antiaircraft defence of Russia, having the composition C-500, C-400, C-300, air defense of Ground forces and fighter aircraft, will be able to react immediately to any changes in the aerospace environment".

The West is also working in this direction. However, neither the U.S. nor European countries can't even get to approach the performance of the Russian air defense.

"For example, American systems destroy targets, developing a speed of about two kilometers per second, says Lenkov. — And the s-400 works on targets with a speed of 4.8 kilometers per second. The same "patriot", which sold worldwide allies, the US, the interception range of only 130 miles, but given the fact that it operates in tandem with the AWACS. If this is not the "Patriot" more modest performance — he knocks down some targets at a range of eighty kilometers, and ballistic — at a distance of twenty miles."

Superiority of Russia will recognize in the West. So, one of American television, citing US intelligence, reported that the s-500 "Prometheus" on tests successfully hit the target at a distance of more than 480 kilometers, which exceeds the capabilities of all modern means of air defence.