Polish MPs demanded to declare the U.S. Ambassador persona non grata

Deputies of the Polish Parliament from the Union of nationalists and eurosceptics "Confederation" demand that the U.S. Ambassador in Warsaw Georgette of Mosbacher persona non grata.

"The time has come to say that Mrs. Mosbacher - persona non grata in Poland. We urge the government to take decisive reaction on this issue. Let the government cease to pretend that the Ambassador is not behaving like a Governor in Poland" - said the Deputy of the Sejm (lower house of Parliament) Robert Vinnitsa at a press conference on Wednesday.

He noted that, according to the "Confederation", the US Ambassador admits "interference in the internal Affairs of Poland, criticism of the actions of the Polish authorities." In addition, the MP pointed out "the lack of reaction of the Polish government to the statements of the Ambassador".

"She defended Uber from changes prepared by the Ministry of infrastructure have criticized the intention to introduce a tax on digital services that would be affected by the American Corporation, spoke on the subject of the introduction of 5G technology in accordance with the interests of the United States," - said the Deputy.

"Confederation" refers to the Geneva Convention, claiming that the actions of the US Ambassador contrary to its norms.

"We urge the government to take decisive action," concluded Vinnitsa.

In turn, another Deputy Grzegorz Braun announced the postulate of the "Confederation", calling for recognition of the Ambassador a persona non grata in Poland.