In the US, tourists will be fined for violation of quarantine rules

In new York tourists do not comply with quarantine measures, faces a fine in the amount of two thousand dollars, according to Travel and Leisure.

Governor Andrew Cuomo sent the new rules of reception in all the airports of the state. Arriving travelers are now required to fill out a questionnaire, specifying their personal data, data on health status and where they plan to stay.

Such a measure, as the authorities say, will help to identify and send for the two-week quarantine of passengers arriving from the States with a large number of the infected, and avoid outbreaks in the largest metropolis of the country.

Test forms the government required employees of the air Harbor, the Department of health and police. Those citizens who leave the airport without filling out the paper faces a fine in the amount of two thousand dollars.

Arriving by train or car will have to fill out a form online. Otherwise, they will also be fined.