Israeli experts have estimated the probability mass strikes in the country

Israeli citizens are depressed due to the economic measures because of the coronavirus, but the protests are unlikely to escalate into riots, possible, rather, mass strikes, says Israeli economist, former Deputy Director General of the Ministry of energy Konstantin Blues.

According to experts, "the pattern is completely absent, so people stop to implement the decisions of the government."

"Recent decisions, for example, the closure of the gyms, swimming pools, thin people in restaurants, for the most part were sabotaged, for example, the gym opened as the Studio", - he reminded. The expert also noted that the government itself is not following its own guidelines, so "in the media there is information that the event of the Ministry of transport did not comply with rules, the Minister of health had arranged at the party, which was far more people than is allowed."

The Blues believes that "these methods are absolutely not effective because there is a certain amount of money in the business, if the economy loses money, it's the same thing that the economy is losing people." "In the end, people die anyway, and they often die from lack of money," - said the expert, noting that people "reach severe financial and mental state".

The expert also commented on how effective in this situation, the protests and what they may lead.

On Saturday evening the residents of tel Aviv, mostly self-employed, came to the square, Yitzhak Rabin, in protest against actions of the authorities during a pandemic coronavirus.