It turned out, when in Finland waiting for Russian tourists

Open Finnish-Russian border in August is not worth waiting, it is likely that this will only happen closer to the end of the year, told RIA Novosti the head of the research centre of the South Karelia region SO feed Nurkka.

"It's hard now to predict anything. When in March, there has been growing number of cases of coronavirus, and the border was closed, we thought about the resumption of visits in August, which now seems very brave. I would say about the winter," - said Nurkka.

In the state Bureau to attract tourists to Finland by Visit Finland are unable to assume the timing of the opening of borders to visitors from Russia. "I think that all depends on the disease and the development of the situation in the country. But we are glad to Russian tourists, when they come to us has come", - said the head of the Bureau Paavo Virkkunen.

The Ministry of social Affairs and health of Finland recommended the interior Ministry to develop tourism with countries where the number of new cases COVID-19 in the last 14 days do not exceed eight per 100 thousand population. According to the Embassy of Finland in Russia on 10 July, the figure in Russia amounted to 63 cases. Thus, the daily increase of cases should be no more than 826, at the present time it exceeds six thousand.

Finland from June 15, opened the borders for travel to the Baltic States and the Nordic countries, except Sweden. From July 13 to users of goods and services in approximately 20 European countries, as well as trips for work and stuff.