Business on the ex-guide "Amurstal" brought on the statement by the new owner

The criminal case against former Director General of the plant "Amurstal" Sergey Kuznetsov, the Deputy Director for security of Dmitry Kozlov opened after the statements of the new factory owner Pavel Belsky, suspected of illegal withdrawal of funds of the enterprise, told reporters the General Director of the plant Grigory Freidin.

"Amurstal" (formerly "Amurmetal") - only in the far East electrometallurgical plant for steelmaking with the subsequent repartition into rolled and sheet products for a long time was in crisis. In 2017, the plant acquired company "Toreks" (resident TOR "Khabarovsk"), becoming its strategic investor. In February there was a change of ownership of the plant. Company's "Armada", the beneficiary of which is Paul Belsky, previously owned 50% "Toreks-Khabarovsk". Then the share was increased to 75%, still 25% owned by ex-wife arrested in Khabarovsk Governor Sergey Furgala Larissa the Starodubova.

After a change of ownership at the plant, was elected the new CEO - Gregory Freidin. After a change of ownership Starodubova appealed against in arbitration court the decision, but the court left at the head of the new leadership.

"These actions (arrest - ed.) due to the fact that in January Belsky was applied in connection with his suspicions and reason to believe that some of those working capital funds or loans that were attracted to the plant, illegally withdrawn from circulation. Can I assume that if statements were filed in January, and now have been fined for, for 6-7 months, law enforcement agencies have found enough evidence that his assumptions were justified," said Freidin.

According to him, about one and a half months ago in connection with the application for the plant had employee surveys. At the moment, after arrests, referrals to law enforcement bodies was not.

As reported by RIA Novosti in the Central court, along with Kuznetsov and Kozlov in the same criminal case have been arrested the General Director of "far Eastern monolith" Evgenie Averyanov and entrepreneur Nicholas Shukhov. "The measure of restraint chosen all four for 2 months – until 8 September," - said in court.