Furgala's arrest will not affect the operation of the plant "Amurstal"

The situation with the arrest of the Governor of Khabarovsk territory Sergey Furgala will not affect the operation of the plant "Amurstal", one of the founders of which is the former spouse of the Governor Larissa Starodubova, reported to journalists the General Director of the plant Grigory Freidin.

Furgala was detained July 9, employees SK and FSB, he is charged with involvement in the activities of local criminal gangs and the killings in 2000-ies. Immediately after the detention of the head of region has sent to Moscow. Basmanny court of Moscow on 10 July arrested him for two months. Furgal is contained in the SIZO "Lefortovo", pleads not guilty. At trial, Furgal said that is not married, however, in the previously filed declarations of income of spouse appeared. Source RIA Novosti reported that Furgala was suspected in the Governor's decisions in favor of affiliated companies that influenced the emergence of a criminal case against him.

The plant "Amurstal" (formerly "Amurmetal") has long been in crisis. In 2017, it was acquired by the company "Toreks" (resident TOR "Khabarovsk"), becoming a strategic investor. In February there was a change of ownership. Company's "Armada", the beneficiary of which is Paul Belsky, previously owned 50% "Toreks-Khabarovsk". Then the share was increased to 75%, still 25% owned by the Starodubova. After a change of ownership at the plant, was elected the new CEO - Gregory Freidin, Starodubova appealed against in arbitration court of the decision. The former CEO was Sergey Kuznetsov who is now arrested by court on suspicion in fraud. In this case also arrested ex-Deputy Director for security Dmitry Kozlov. Kozlov and Kuznetsov are the current deputies of the regional Duma.

Freidin said that any litigation about the change of management of the plant completed in favor of Starodubova - headed "Amurstal" remains the new leadership. "There were two of the process to appeal the decision of the congregation, and challenged the fact that the acquisition of JSC "Armada" shares Mistryukov (co-founder of "Toreks", was arrested on charges of involvement in the murder – ed.). On both issues the court ruled in favor of the Ms. Starodubova," said Freidin.

According to the Director, Furgala he had not seen in 2018 after the removal of the "Armada" from the management of the plant. "I'm here (at the plant - ed.) didn't see it. Just can be personally seen in the 2017-2018 year. Starting in 2018, due to the current conflict after the removal of JSC "Armada" of Belsky and myself as the curator from the "Armada" from the management, we are in 2018, the plant did not appear and was not admitted to the questions connected with its activity", - said Freidin.