Nutritionists have called products that help to avoid motion sickness

Nutritionists from Spain Fatima Branco and Nuria Monfared said in an interview with La Vanguardia, what foods help to avoid motion sickness.

According to them, a good option for travel are the rice dishes. Experts pointed out that it is advisable to choose brown rice, while it should be prepared as simply as possible and without a large amount of water.

A light snack nutritionists recommend apples and peanuts. They pointed out that the Apple should be eaten peeled and grated.

Branco noted that the "classic" remedy for dizziness is ginger. According to experts, those who do not like the taste of ginger, it should be used infusions with the addition of various fruits. Another product that helps with motion sickness, is a fresh unsalted cheese.

Nutritionists added that during travel or long distance travel suffering from motion sickness should avoid really heavy and fatty foods, carbonated drinks and pastries as well as alcohol.