Russia has experienced a motor based on the technology of superconductivity

Russia was the first in the world tested electric propulsion installation based on the technology of high-temperature superconductivity and is powered completely from the battery, told RIA Novosti the Foundation for advanced studies.

They explained that during the tests the power of the engine was provided only by specially designed batteries high power. Testing was conducted in a simulated take-off and landing charge and discharge the battery in flight and emergency modes.

In the future, tested the integrated power system will be used in the experimental aircraft hybrid powerplant. It, in turn, develops the Central Institute of aviation motors named Baranov. Testing hybrid power-plant consisting of the aircraft is scheduled for the 2020-2021 years.

The project is implemented, as specified in the advanced research Foundation, to create a fully electric aircraft and helicopters, different from the existing models of aircraft with more advanced performance characteristics.

A joint project of the advanced research Foundation and CJSC "Superox" in the creation of high-temperature superconductors to electric motor started in December 2016. Implemented technologies provide the opportunity to create an "all-electric" aircraft such as air taxis, vertical take-off and landing and electric ships. In the framework of the project for demonstration of technologies developed samples of motors of 50 kW and 500 kW.