In Caracas and Miranda state will tighten quarantine

Venezuelan authorities have announced the strengthening of sanitary measures in the capital and the neighboring state of Miranda in connection with the increase in the incidence of COVID-19.

"President Nicolas Maduro said the presidential Commission on COVID-19 on transition to the first level of radical quarantine in the capital district and Miranda state, with effect from 15 July, in connection with the increasing incidence of disease and health," said Vice-President delsi Rodriguez in his microblog Twitter.

Earlier, the authorities of the country for the fourth time was extended for 30 days a state of emergency introduced in the Republic of 13 March to combat the spread of coronavirus infection of the new type. The effect of the emergency mode according to the new decree will last until August 10.

According to the latest information in Venezuela identified 9465 cases COVID-19, from complications died 89 people.

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