Trump said that the white population is dying at the hands of police

The President of the United States Donald trump considers "terrible" the question of why African Americans die at the hands of law enforcement officers in the United States.

"And white too (die). What a horrible question. And white, too. More white, by the way," said trump in an interview with a white reporter on CBS.

White make up more than 70% of the U.S. population, blacks around 13%, but according to numerous studies, in relative terms they are more likely to commit crimes, end up in jail and often die in detention at the hands of police, including while resisting.

In may-June on U.S. cities, a wave of protests and unrest after the death in Minneapolis at the hands of police of African-American George Floyd. After the death of Floyd intensified the movement Black Lives Matter, which is against the violence against the black population.