The Galapagos Islands opened to tourists

The Ministry of environment of Ecuador has announced the opening of the national Park and marine reserve of the Galapagos Islands closed because of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus.

"The Ministry of environment and water resources announced the resumption of visits to the Galapagos national Park and marine reserve", - stated in the message published in the microblog Twitter of the Ministry.

According to him, the island opened on 13 July.

All visitors to the Islands will be required to wear masks and disinfect their hands and stay near the populated ports will limit to three hours.

Galapagos Islands located in the Pacific ocean. The area of these Islands is the habitat of many unique species, including giant tortoises, iguanas, some species of birds and other animals. As scientists believe, observe Galapagos turtles became the starting point for Charles Darwin in creating the theory of evolution by natural selection. In 1978 UNESCO declared the Islands a world heritage site and in 1985, a world biosphere reserve.