Saratov oblast has postponed the second phase of the removal of restrictions

Saratov oblast is not yet ready for the second phase of lifting the restrictive measures coronavirus, as the figures for the number of daily reported cases COVID-19 does not decrease due to the weakening of control over the observance of sanitary norms, said the Governor Valery Radaev.

Earlier Vice-the Governor Alexander Strelyukhin 25 Jun said that the region may 29-moved to the first stage of lifting restrictions on COVID-19, within a few days will come the second stage. However, on 29 June, the Deputy head of the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor Nadezhda Matveeva noted that the transition to the second phase region is not reached the rate of infection Rt, which holds about 1, whereas it is necessary not above 0.8.

"We are still not ready for stage two restrictions. All last week recorded just over 90 cases (coronavirus a day). Saratov region, like most regions, stuck on the same numbers due to the weakening of the control over observance of sanitary norms", - said Radaev on Tuesday at session of coordination Council on combating COVID-19 in the field.

According to him, shops and public transport, the residents stopped using the mask.

"What we see now? In public transport the passenger in the mask - rather the exception than the rule, whereas it is in the high risk of infection, and the separation of passengers generally to say pointless... Most visitors to shops and shopping centers without masks," - said the head of the region.

"Psychological fatigue people is understandable, but you need to shake the light all who suffer the fate, not believing in the danger of the virus for themselves", he added.

Previously, the government on July 22 banned in all public events and work pools, cafes and restaurants were allowed to operate in open areas without visitors in the rooms, also opened in the region's museums and tourist center. All residents were obliged to wear masks in public places and to comply with social distance. Quarantined closed verkhazovka the village of Dergachi district and Novopolevaya Balakovo district.

In total, the region 7782 laboratory-confirmed case of infection with mers have died, 47 patients recovered 4363 patient.

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