"Hatred of everything alien." Millions of people join a new religion

The movement Black Lives Matter in support of the fight against racism ceases to be the only socio-political: his supporters increasingly speak the language of the Bible. However, instead of Jesus Christ they have a different Messiah — George Floyd. As a victim of police brutality turned into an idol of millions and how it seriously — in the material RIA Novosti.

"He was tall and broad-shouldered. And the strongest — for which he was elected leader of the robber band. With accomplices he robbed the house, attacked the travellers. But at one point decided to change and get on the right path".

These lines belong to the author of the life of St. Moses Murin. Of all saints he is the only black. Origin — Ethiopia. Lived in Egypt in the IV-V centuries. He became a monk, and then the other brothers, mostly the Egyptians and the Greeks, began to experience it, intrigues. Some have even called Moses "the wicked Murina", that is, a moor, a Negro.

After 1600 years, this hagiography has become urgent. The supporters of the movement Black Lives Matter, write a new life.

"Holy. Angel. Martyr". Typically, these headers dedicate George Floyd of American and European liberal media.

Already formed the iconography of the Martyr: in the trendy baseball cap with a halo around his head in a simple t-shirt and growing because of shoulder wings. Next — sayings that are uttered in the last moments of life: "I can't breathe!", "Everything hurts!", "They want to kill me!"

At first glance, nothing special. The murder of George Floyd resonated around the world, so it is logical that the event is reflected both in the media and in art, especially street. His portraits often coexist with other "icons" of the struggle for freedom and human rights — Nelson Mandela, Che Guevara and so on.

But there was not so much religious rhetoric, as in BLM. The most zealous supporters of the movement believe George is not just a Saint, and the Messiah: the divine messenger, who gave himself as a sacrifice for anti-racism.

And the famous worship of the tribe — not just a flash mob. It is a prayer and a special ritual of repentance "for the sins of white people".

"Lord, forgive us for our aggression. Lord, accept our repentance for our pride, because we, white people, thought we were better, above the rest", — quotes the edition of National Review, the words of one of participants of the action in Boston.

Demonstrators stand on his knees exactly eight minutes and forty six seconds — that's how the police kept the head pressed to the ground until he died. At this time, the participants of the ritual to say the last phrase of the slain, and then stand up. This action is called the "Great awakening." Explain it this way: "the white supremacy of the world finally woke up and threw off the shackles of racism."

Immediately suggests a direct analogy with Jesus Christ: He was crucified for the sins of the people and conquered death. And it is in the Christian creed is regarded as a dream.

In fact, some analogies are not restricted. In some Protestant churches in support of the BLM, Jesus began to portray African American. For instance, the painting "the last supper" at the altar of Saint Albany Cathedral in England.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby gave this phenomenon a theological justification. They say that the Christ is to each his own.

"Jesus is portrayed in different cultures in different ways. In China you can see Chinese of Christ in Fiji — Fijian," said Welby told reporters.

However, the participants BLM is not enough. Some urged religious organizations to "break with its racist past" and to revise the creed.

And religious leaders in the United States cannot afford to ignore this. They're from the beginning openly supported the movement. The most active were the Baptists, whose congregation is more than a third of African Americans.

However, a number of Protestant leaders became alarmed because of the excessive desire to canonize Floyd.

"George Floyd is not a Saint. He was no Saint in life. And no appeal to the God he did not have", — said the famous televangelist John Emerson.

Relation to the moral character of Floyd divided Americans. This is not surprising because the United States, contrary to popular belief, quite a religious country. According to the research center Pew, about 78 percent of citizens consider themselves believers. With more than a third of that number regularly attend worship services. And religious television broadcasts — mainly of the preaching of evangelists, Baptists, consistently high rating.

And while some argue about the Messianic role of the murdered man and that "he changed the world", others urged not to rush. George Floyd was arrested several times for theft and drug trafficking. And after a house robbery in 2007, when he pulled a gun on a mother with a baby, "Saint" spent four years in prison.

In 2014 he moved to Minneapolis. After the death of Floyd supporters will replicate different story, where the words of his housemates said he "never had dealing with drugs, weapons and counterfeit bills". Supposedly, the entry "on the path" began six years ago.

Opponents also note that at the time of arrest "righteous" was under the drug — relevant evidence issued by the local police. In addition, Floyd has been repeatedly convicted of petty theft and drug trafficking.

After the incident, the Network found the scenes very similar to the Floyd hero. More than a month in the us the Internet can't understand if it's really.

However, in America like to argue about the moral qualities of many famous people. For example, in the ' 60s with Elvis Presley. However, this did not prevent particularly excited fans to establish "Presbyterians Church of Elvis the divine" and write on the basis of his songs "the New improved Testament."

The followers of this cult do not hide that they worship the idol rather for fun. And so do quite popular in the "Church of maradoniana", deifying the Argentine football legend Diego Maradona.

But in the case of George Floyd is different. It's not just the rituals, slogans, murals and mugs with the inscription "may 25 — the day of martyrdom." This is the extremely harsh attitude of the supporters of the BLM to their own doctrine.

"In this ideology more strict adherence to the dogmas, than in contemporary American Catholicism. And even more intolerance. Put into question any of their teachings, and your value will cause them to have suspicions" — said the famous American Catholic writer Andrew Sullivan.

And examples of this are many. For example, when defending the rights of African Americans activist Candens Owens admitted that he does not consider Floyd a hero, she was immediately branded a racist and a supporter of "white supremacy over the others". Despite the fact that she is African-American.

"The fight against monuments to the Civil war from the Confederate echoes the tumult of the reformation, when burned icons and smashes the stained glass," says Sullivan.

And this process of "purification" for the sake of which, according to BLM figures, died George Floyd, is gaining momentum. Sports clubs and manufacturers of food refuse from the logos associated with the racist past of America. And major media outlets, e.g. New York Times, will write the word "black" (black) with a capital letter — as, for example, the word "God" or "Holy Spirit."