Banksy posted a video in which draws the rats in the subway

. Banksy joined the discussion about the necessity of wearing masks in the UK in an original way: the artist showed the drawing in the subway rats that are trying to comply with the new requirements.

In his instagram he posted a video in which, presumably, he (dressed as an employee of the cleaning company, in the mask, the hat and sunglasses) draws his famous rodents, who did not get to wear a mask and use sanitizer as directed.

Rats sneeze, and he uses masks like parachutes. At the end of the movie Banksy writes: "I get lockdown" ("I'm in quarantine") on the wall station, then the car doors closed, we see the words "I get back up again" ("I will rise again"), and the song “Tubthumping” group Chumbawamba "I get knocked down but I get up again you're never gonna keep me down" ("I was knocked down, but I rise again, you can't get me down").

The artist himself commented on his video: "Without masks are not allowed".

Users praised the artist, was surprised that "some passengers were with him and didn't know about it" (just_wale) and speculated that "this car is now sold on Sotheby's" (mangoose_)

The mayor of London Boris Johnson has proposed to make the wearing of masks compulsory, not only in metro but also in stores.