In Indonesia 54 the journalist was simultaneously infected with coronavirus

More than 50 journalists from state radio station of Indonesia in Surabaya in East Java in a short period of time became infected with coronavirus infection, three employees of the radio station died, said on Tuesday the online version of the newspaper Jakarta Post, with reference to the social organization of the Alliance of independent journalists Indonesia (ANGE).

According to the newspaper, 54 the journalist were found to be infected with coronavirus: infection was discovered during a series of three tests conducted on the decision of Arabische branch of Radio Republik Indonesia in late June – July of the current year. The third and last test was held on Monday, July 13. In the last month, three journalists who passed the first and second tests, died of a coronavirus infection, the report said.

From among the journalists whose tests showed a positive result on Monday, two of them hospitalized, the newspaper reports.

An outbreak among journalists due to the fact that local politicians and business leaders often hold a press conference without the observance of epidemiological safety, and the management of editions, instead of to forbid journalists to attend such events encourages them to do this, I believe in ANGE.

Some entrepreneurs organize events with the participation of the press, are not necessary – for example, invite at the same time a large number of journalists on their organized charity events with massive distribution of humanitarian assistance to victims of COVID-19, told the newspaper the representative of the journalistic organization.

With the last days of may, East Java became the new center of the spread of coronavirus infection in Indonesia. A month and a half in this region became infected with coronavirus is almost 17 thousand people, slightly less than half of them live and work in Surabaya, the newspaper reminds.

Only in Indonesia since the beginning of the pandemic ill 78 572 man, died on 3 710 people, recovered 37 636 people.

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