The savings Bank recorded a decline of Russians ' spending on alcohol

Expenditures of Russians in wine shops during the week from 6 to 12 July for the first time since the start of the pandemic coronavirus decreased by 2.2% compared to last year, according to a study of the savings Bank.

"Spending at liquor stores for the first time the pandemic came to minus 2.2% compared to the previous year", - said in the study.

It is noted that all the previous 17 weeks this category was in the green zone: in April, the growth of spending in this category was 18.5% in may and 21.9% in June and 9.6%. At the same time for 29 June - 5 July, the Russians spending on alcohol rose by 0.7%.

Also last week moved to reduce the expenses of Russians on medicines and medical goods fell by 5.4% against growth of 1.5% a week earlier. Decreased spending at auto dealers - 9.3% against a growth of 3.3% a week earlier, as well as to Pets by 2.4% against a growth of 5.3% in the week from 29 June to 5 July.