In the Saratov region during strong winds injured four people

Medical care took four residents Balakovsky district of the Saratov region, where on Tuesday due to strong wind had fallen more than 70 trees, damaged power lines, gas pipes, dozens of cars, roofs on buildings, social facilities, said the district administration.

Earlier, the Russian energy Ministry reported that on Tuesday due to rain, thunderstorms and strong winds power outages in electrical networks of 10-220 kV and the mass outages in distribution networks 6-10 kV in Balakovsky district of the Saratov region, which led to blackouts in the homes of about 71 thousand inhabitants of Balakovo. 17.24 GMT to emergency repair work on power grids has been completed.

"...Identified more than 70 fallen trees, mostly poplar with a height of over 15 meters. On elimination of consequences there are eight teams MBU Balavtodor and MSPU "Plant improvement". The enterprises transferred in clock mode. According to doctors, for medical assistance of four people - a mild form", - stated in the message.

It is clarified that in addition to the power grids in the city and the area damaged four gas pipes, dozens of cars, roofs on buildings social facilities.

"At this time, the forces of MBU Balavtodor and MSPU "Kombinat blagoustroystva" cleared all main roads and entrances of the road. From the roads of the city removed the branches and fallen trees, logistics transportation and traffic established", - stated in the message.

Local authorities say that, according to weather forecasters, the wind with gusts of up to 22-27 meters per second, storm, rain and hail will remain in the district until the end of the day.