The survey showed what kind of wine I prefer the Russians

Almost half of Russians drink wine, most of them prefer semi-sweet, and fans of the red two times more than white, according to a survey by VTSIOM.

According to the study, 46% of citizens reported that they consume wine - 24% of red, 11% white, 10% love different wines, 1% prefer pink, while 54% of respondents do not drink wine.

It is noted that among those who occasionally drink wine, 46% prefer semisweet, 30% - dry, 13% no preference, 4% love liquor, fortified, another 4% other, 3% undecided. Also among the Russians the same category 42% drink still wine, 19% - sparkling, for 32% it does not matter, 7% were undecided.

As indicated in the survey, almost half of Russians (45%) over the past year bought wine and more - wine of the Russian production (26%) than imports (12%), did not buy wine over the past year, 55%, both Russian and imported alike often take 6%. Among those who last year bought wine, 77% buy domestic wine once a month or less, 4% - once a week, 2% two or three times a week or more, another 50% are buying more imported wine once a month or less often 3% once a week, 2% two or three times a week or more often.

Clarifies that 66% agree with the statement "Russia is a country with great wine-making history and traditions", while 25% hold the opposite point of view, 9% were undecided.

A nationwide survey "polls-Sputnik" held on 2 July. In the survey participated 1.6 thousand of Russians aged 18 years. Method of research - telephone interview. For a given sample size the maximum error with 95% probability does not exceed 2.5%.