The headquarters of Babariko not refuse from idea of creation of the party in Belarus

The electoral headquarters of the former head of Belgazprombank Victor Babariko that on Tuesday, the Central election Commission of Belarus not registered as a candidate in the presidential election on 9 August, will not refuse from idea of creation of the party, said the representative of the headquarters Maria Kolesnikova.

"This idea, as well as the idea of a referendum is now in operation. This is a relevant idea," - said Kolesnikov at a press conference on Tuesday.

In turn, the lawyer of a staff of Maxim, the Sign said that the initiative of creation of the party supporters of Babariko will do after the presidential election.

Earlier, Babariko, who is in custody in the KGB detention center on charges of economic crimes, in a video message urged supporters to find a group to start a nationwide referendum. The main idea advocated by Babariko and his supporters – the election of the same person President for more than two terms and limiting the powers of the President. In addition, it is proposed to separate branches of government (judicial, Executive, legislative). Also in headquarters was informed about the idea of creating a party.

Presidential elections will be held in Belarus on 9 August. The CEC at a meeting on Tuesday refused Babariko to register as a presidential candidate. The policy team intends to appeal this decision to the Supreme court.