Sberbank has launched a service credit at the store

Clients of Sberbank will be able to purchase goods on credit, having it over the payment terminal when paying by card at the checkout of shops, you do not need to produce any documents, the Bank said.

"Service "Buy with the savings Bank" has expanded its capabilities and now offers clients a lending offline purchase from retail stores. Clients of Sberbank can apply for a loan to purchase a product directly on the store checkout. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes", - stated in the message.

Such a loan can be issued, expressed a wish to the seller in connected to the service shop. Then you will need to attach your debit card and enter PIN-code in the standard payment terminal for cashless payment Bank to authenticate, apply for a loan and sign a credit agreement with a digital signature. After completion, the seller sends the goods to the buyer, explained in the Bank.

The savings Bank has explained that when applying for a loan in this way you do not need to fill out a questionnaire and sign a written contract and don't need to present any documents. Thus customer data is not transferred to the seller and to third parties.

The Bank stressed that the process of registration of credit has no analogues not only in Russia but also in the world market of POS-lending. The loan in this way will take more than 1,100 stores across the country.