The UN security Council holds its first March meeting

First, since March, the UN security Council meeting with the personal participation of permanent representatives of States takes place in the headquarters of the organization, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Since March because of the threat of coronavirus in the new York meeting of the UN security Council was held in the videoconference format. Meeting on Tuesday - the first face to face over the past few months. The main entrance to the UN building remains closed.

Before the meeting, the permanent representative of the presidency of the UN security Council, Germany Christoph Heusgen talked to the press. The permanent representative of France Nicolas de Riviere also came to say Hello to reporters.

This meeting is held, contrary to tradition, not in the Security Council chamber and another room, where opportunities to respect the distance more. Permanent representatives and representatives of the delegations arrived at the UN security Council in masks. But during the session, the participants removed their masks.

"Lovely to see you for the first time. I would like to thank the Secretariat of the United Nations. Know that you are enthusiastically treated it in the beginning. But thank you for your cooperation and all precautions," he said, opening the meeting, Heusgen.

"Of course, we are sitting a little weird, but we maintain a distance of 6 feet or two meters", - he added.

Heusgen congratulated the permanent representative of France Nicolas de Riviera with Bastille Day. "In 1789 (the year) the Bastille was taken, today we celebrate the taking, so to speak, capture the headquarters. What we gathered in the day of the national holiday of France - is a good symbol," said Heusgen.

Meeting for the first time in a few months takes place with the participation of interpreters. Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia jokingly expressed the hope that colleagues on the security Council haven't forgotten how to use electronic translators. After the speech, the Russian Ambassador joked Heusgen, assuring that convinced that the sebenza has not forgotten Russian.