In England will be fined for the lack of masks

Wearing masks for shoppers in England will be required, violators will be issued fines, confirmed health Minister Matt Hancock.

On the eve of the official representative of the Prime Minister's office announced that it is mandatory to wear masks in shops will need on July 24. Recently the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has been ill with the coronavirus first appeared in public in a mask and made it clear that now the mask in the stores should wear all.

"We wish people had more confidence in the safety of shopping. Those who work in the stores should be under better protection. In order to achieve these two goals, it is necessary to cover the face (masks or shields), and it will be mandatory for all stores in England," said the Minister, speaking on Tuesday in Parliament.

Responding to a question about how to monitor adherence to the new rules, Hancock said the government expects discipline and rationality of citizens.

"Power control is the last measure. The issue of compliance with the rules depends on the person... of Course, the police have statutory authority and can issue a fine," added Hancock.

Under the new rules, anyone who tries from 24 July to enter the store without a mask, may not be allowed on the sales floor. In case of refusal of the buyer to wear the mask in place can be caused by the police, who will ask the violator to comply with the rules and, in the case of a categorical refusal, the penalty will be discharged. Similar measures apply in public transport. Not to wear masks in the store, only children up to 11 years old and people with certain illnesses, particularly asthmatics. Talking about innovation, Hancock reminded that the wearing of masks does not negate other measures to protect against the virus: frequent and thorough hand washing and compliance with social distance.

The new rules will apply to the territory of England, in other regions the decision on measures to combat coronavirus accepted by local authorities.

The number of deaths in the United Kingdom from the coronavirus is close to 45 thousand, the number of cases exceeded 290 thousand. However, last week both indicators have declined steadily, which gave an opportunity for the government to gradually remove restrictions: in addition to the shops, managed to open restaurants and pubs, hair salons and nail salons, from July 25 to open sports halls and swimming pools.

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