Belarusians have the right to participate in the peaceful protest, said at the headquarters of Babariko

Citizens of Belarus have the right to participate in peaceful actions for "expression", but we should not succumb to provocations, said Tuesday the lawyer of the electoral headquarters of the former head of Belgazprombank Victor Babariko Maxim Sign.

On Tuesday, the Central election Commission of Belarus refused Babariko to register the candidate in presidents of Belarus. Elections in the Republic scheduled for 9 August.

"As citizens who take to the streets for peaceful demonstrations ... repeatedly Viktor Dmitriyevich emphasized, and we have also emphasized ... that there is a right of citizens to peaceful protest, and there are certain limits on the exercise of these peaceful protests. If (action – ed.) do not violate these limits, there are no grounds for detention, use of physical force and other similar actions," said a Sign at a press conference, the broadcast was carried out on the Internet.

Thus the lawyer has noticed that recently there was an attempt "to create some fake accounts, fake web channels". According to Mark if the citizens use peaceful actions to "Express their views", you need to do it so that "this does not hurt that it was not used by someone as a provocation".