The headquarters of Babariko urged voters not to ignore the elections in Belarus

The representative of the headquarters of the former head of Belgazprombank Victor Babariko, which the Central election Commission of Belarus on Tuesday was not registered as a candidate country, Maria Kolesnikova urged supporters policy is not to ignore the elections, and to come to the polling stations on 9 August.

"The ninth of August we should all go to the polls. We call on all citizens of the Republic of Belarus to stay in and go to the polls and to vote on 9 August (primary election day – ed.). If you don't go on elections, it means you agree to vote for Lukashenko (the current President - ed.)", - said Kolesnikov on Tuesday in Minsk at a press conference. According to her, "everyone who comes to the polling station, may vote for any candidate whom he considers worthy."

The headquarters also urged the supporters of Babariko to remain calm and not to succumb to possible provocations.

She emphasized that staff continues to work and "going to the end."

The Central election Commission of Belarus at a meeting on Tuesday refused Babariko to register a candidate for President. The staff of the policy will be to challenge the refusal of the CEC.