The Spanish government has supported the introduction of quarantine in parts of Catalonia

The Spanish government supports the decision of Generalitat of Catalonia on the introduction of strict quarantine on the territory of the region where you live 160 thousand people, despite the court decision.

The Catalan government decided on the introduction of strict quarantine in part of the Comarca Segre, including the city of Lleida: the inhabitants are forbidden to leave their homes except in cases of urgent need, all the shops (except for food), shops, sports centers and so on are closed, restaurants and bars can sell food only with home delivery. However, this decision of the court appealed against the Prosecutor's office and investigative Lleida, the court refused to confirm the legality of the introduction of stringent quarantine because, in his opinion, local outbreaks of infections "under control", and similar restrictive measures can only take the government of Spain. On Monday, the head of the Catalan Generalitat Kim Torre said that the quarantine imposed in spite of the court decision.

The Spanish government sided with the Catalan authorities. "In this phase, the control must implement the Autonomous communities, which in General is doing well. They know the real situation on outbreaks occurring in their territory", - has declared on a press-conferences in Madrid the Minister of health of El Salvador Ilya.

He recalled that as a first step it was decided to ban entry to and exit from some areas Sagrei, however, the Catalan authorities in connection with the epidemiological situation has made the decision that "we must strengthen measures."

"We agree that it was necessary to take another step and take control of this outbreak," said Ilya. He also assured that the Ministry of health is in constant contact with Barcelona and "willing to help if asked".

Ilya re-emphasized that the main task – time to detect outbreaks and take quickly appropriate sanitary measures.

Since the removal of the regime of high alert in Spain on 21 June in the country was recorded 120 local outbreaks COVID-19. The authorities of the different Autonomous communities apply additional sanitary control, in particular, in most parts of the country, introduced compulsory wearing of masks not only in transport and enclosed spaces, but also in the streets.

Spain is one of the most affected countries by the pandemic: in this country, it was revealed 256 thousand cases of infection, although the Ministry of health conducted a study on antibodies suggests that the disease has moved 2.3 million, that is 5,2% of the population. According to official figures, died of 28.4 thousand people.

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