In Mexico city discovered the ruins of the Aztecs and the residence of Hernan Cortes

. Archaeologists have found the ruins of the Aztecs and the residence of the Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortez in the Mexican capital, reports DW with reference to the statement of the Ministry of culture of the country.

They were discovered during restoration works in the building the Lombard house (Monte de Piedad), which since 1755 is located in the Central square of the capital.

Workers came across the unusual fragments of basalt of the floor. A team of archaeologists came to the conclusion that he was part of the open space of the Palace of the ruler of Axayacatl, who ruled the Empire from 1469 to 1481 years.

Experts have continued the excavations and found the remains of the residence of Hernan Cortes built here after the fall of the Aztec civilization. According to them, half of it was made from materials used in the construction of the Palace of Axayacatl. Conquistadors destroyed it, like many other buildings of the "natives".

Cortes first arrived in modern day Mexico in 1518. He and his associates defeated the Empire's capital of Tenochtitlan in 1521, killed a large part of the local population and infected survivors of lethal diseases.

For the first time the ruins of earlier buildings were found near the building the Lombard home in September 2017, their study continues.