In Japan has created a mask that turns speech to text

The Japanese company has developed a mask C-Face, which can turn speech into text, and at the same time to do the translation in eight languages. The company's head of Robotics Donut Taisuke It told RIA Novosti, why the coronavirus was the reason for the invention, as 30 minutes to collect 280 thousand dollars of investment and due to which the number of orders for masks at times exceeded expectations.

"From the beginning of the pandemic throughout the world, people are forced to wear masks and to experience different inconveniences because of this. I live from January-February and realized that the mask makes it difficult to communicate. It is difficult to hear each other. The situation is the same at the registration desks, and at the box office. And then I thought of how to get rid of the inconvenience of using technological solutions, without abandoning medical mask. That is the reason for the invention was the situation with the coronavirus," he told It.

C-Face not replace conventional medical mask, and put on top of it. But it allows you to hear each other, respecting social distance even at 10 meters. And that's not all.

"In the mask integrated microphone with noise reduction. With this microphone via Bluetooth to your smartphone or computer transmitted sound in the form of text. Thus, on the smartphone or computer of the interlocutor displays it in the form of sound and text as captions. Possible translations of this text in eight languages," - said the head of the company.

Now mask C-Face can perform two-way translations for English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, French, Spanish, Thai, and Indonesian. Sales in Japan and the U.S. will begin before the end of this year.

"In July and August we open through crowdfunding booking in Japan and America. In Japan the order of 5 thousand masks we will be able to perform until the end of the year. In America the maximum amount of 10-15 thousand masks. While this goal before the end of the year. But now we get requests from all over the world. Only one company got an order for 2 thousand masks. These companies are now about 40 from 30 countries. If we now start to work on the orders from these companies, we will have to produce 60 thousand masks. But we do not have such opportunities", - said Taisuke It.

The price of the mask will be 4400 yen is about $ 40. In addition to the functions of translation into a foreign language, transformation of speech into text, it can through app keep a stenographic record of the meeting. All this makes the app. Shipping voices at a distance free of charge, the transformation of speech to text – about 300 yen per month (less than three dollars), translation into other languages – about 1500 yen (14 dollars) and the transcript of the meeting is also 1500 yen (14 dollars).

Despite the fact that the entry into Japan of foreigners from most countries are prohibited, pending on the year of the Olympics, where the mask translator could become indispensable for many tourists, the orders for it are growing, and those wishing to invest more than the capital investment requirements - when needed, money for development, the required amount of 30 million yen (280 thousand dollars) for future action raised in the Internet in 30 minutes.

It explains that the mask, though not physically protects from virus, having a resistance in the plane of the contacts and connections between people.

"In the era of the grim news we offered a product that helps use technology to resist disturbance, which contributed to our lives coronavirus. Speech can be transmitted over a distance. As for now visits hospitals and other occasions. The plans include the use of AR and VR. Because the mask runs on electricity, it is possible to attach transparent screen glasses and to use it as a smartphone screen that is displayed on the texts, cards. Transfer of information, texts and maps with a mask on this screen. This is the next stage," - said General Director of Robotic Donut.