The experts found the cheapest tours on the Black sea in the third week of July

Analysis of minimum prices for package tours with departure from Moscow July 19-24, showed today that the starting price of a seven-day tours to Sochi, Crimea and Anapa for two people is 24 – 29 thousand rubles, which is almost 30 percent less than last year, according to ATOR.

According to experts, the low cost is due to including increased competition between airlines and tour operators. Therefore, even despite growing demand, prices have not increased. So, for 24 thousand rubles, you can buy a week-long tour for two with flights but without food in Alushta and Krasnaya Polyana, in 26-28 thousand in Lazarevskoye and Sochi, 29 – in Gelendzhik.

Thus, for example, Kaliningrad, seem filled with tourists and suffers from a lack of suggestions: if previously the minimum price of the tour package in the Western seaside town was 23 021 rubles for two with flights, for seven nights, now already more than 30 thousand in the same package.

Continued low prices for tours to the Altai (from 29 thousand rubles for a ticket for two), the minimum cost of similar tour to the Baikal – 55 thousand, in Khakassia, where on 19 July, will fly the first Charter flight from 39 thousand.

Despite the very attractive low prices, the cost of the most popular packages shows that the majority of tourists chooses comfort options.

According to travel agencies in the third week of July, the average value of the actually purchased packages, is for the Crimea to 78 thousand rubles for Sochi — 67,8 thousand. Average check of tours in Kaliningrad amounted to 42 800 rubles for two people for seven nights, Altai — 54 500 rubles.