South Ossetia marks peacekeeper's Day

The day of deployment of peacekeeping forces is marked in South Ossetia on Tuesday, the press service of the Russian Embassy in the Republic.

"On this day ceremonies are held. Traditionally, in Tskhinvali, the celebrations begin with the laying of wreaths at the place of death of Russian peacekeepers in the upper town in August 2008," - stated in the message.

The Embassy recalled that on 14 July 1992 under the agreement on main principles of settlement of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, which was signed by the presidents of Russia, Georgia, North and South Ossetia on 24 June of the same year, in the zone of the conflict entered a tripartite peacekeeping force. They become a buffer between warring parties.

"It is believed that due to the entry of peacekeepers failed to stop the fighting, which lasted three years and claimed hundreds of lives. Because the peacekeepers are the main guarantor of security in the conflict zone", - noted in the Russian dipvedomstva.

Georgia on the night of 8 August 2008 fired from rocket launchers "Grad" South Ossetia, Georgian forces attacked the Republic and destroyed part of its capital Tskhinvali. Russia, protecting inhabitants of South Ossetia, many of whom took Russian citizenship, sent troops into the Republic and after five days of fighting ousted Georgian troops from the region.

Russia 26 August 2008 after the armed aggression of Georgia against Tskhinval recognized the sovereignty of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Russian leaders have repeatedly stated that the recognition of the independence of two former Georgian autonomies reflects current realities and not subject to revision. But Tbilisi refuses to recognize the independence of the republics.