The Prime Minister of Lebanon has accused politicians in attempts to discredit the government

The Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diyab accused of a number of Lebanese politicians in an attempt to prevent international financial assistance for the country, which is experiencing a severe economic crisis, in order to show the incapacity of the government.

"The challenges facing our country increased, accumulate complexity, and the complicated political stability against the distortion of reality... But unfortunately, some went very far, preventing any aid to Lebanon, what are they doing...? We have reports about plans to prevent the government from within the framework, and we are under pressure from different directions under the pretext that we are incapable" - quoted premiere TV channel LBC.

The Lebanese Prime Minister expressed confidence that government can work effectively and it is not the prerogative of individual political parties or group of individuals.

"Contacts with our friends in Iraq, Qatar and Kuwait and friends in the world are positive trends and readiness to help Lebanon. We're digging the rocky soil with the aim to alleviate the consequences of the crisis. But there are individuals who still strongly act in the direction of increasing the suffering of the citizens", - said Diyab.

In Lebanon, 17 October 2019 unrest began. Hundreds of thousands of people across the country staged anti-government demonstrations with the requirement to conduct efficient economic reforms, to prosecute politicians involved in corruption and return stolen from the state budget funds. In November, against the backdrop of unrest, he resigned the government of Saad Hariri. In late January, the President approved a Cabinet of Ministers headed Debom.

The new government has taken efforts to stabilize the economy, saying in late April on the adoption of anti-crisis program, which includes a series of large-scale reforms and assistance from abroad, including financial support of the International monetary Fund, the negotiations which today are difficult and no clear positive trends.