On Sakhalin told about new cases of coronavirus

Coronavirus for the day identified on the Sakhalin still have 61 people, the total number of infected COVID-19 in the region has risen to 1558, said Tuesday the Governor of the region Valery Limarenko.

"COVID-19. In the Sakhalin region 61... total of 14 of July in Sakhalin region 1558 cases, 701 the man was discharged with recovery, 857 undergo treatment", - wrote the head of the region in the Telegram's official channel.

On July 13, in the area of 1497 was officially confirmed cases of coronavirus.

According to the regional oberstab, on Tuesday 31 cases COVID-19 confirmed have applied for the SARS, 30 people were infected from earlier cases have been discharged from the infectious hospital on the basis of Dolinskaya CRH 33 patients.

On Tuesday, authorities in the region have reminded citizens about the need to respect the mask mode.

"Since July 16, at the request of the CPS, shops and other public places and events only if you have remedies. Residents of the area often ignore the mask... Although the requirement to wear personal protective equipment binding for several months," said Limarenko, focusing on the fact that the violation leads to fines (30 thousand roubles for citizens and up to 300 thousand rubles for organizations).

All arriving on the island, passengers will still need to have an employment contract or local residence. For arriving relatives accepted the rules of registration of digital badges.

The islanders, who are leaving the territory of the region, are free to be tested for the coronavirus. The authorities of Sakhalin allowed a mass event without the restrictions the number of participants, but compliance with safety regulations. Monday the island was opened for organized groups of tourists have begun work location. One of the first regions in Russia to implement the third stage of the regime of self-isolation.

Deaths from infection COVID-19 on the Islands there.

Recent data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.