The symbol of the Crimean bridge the cat Bridge will become a journalist

The symbol of the bridge across the Kerch Strait, the cat-blogger Bridge reported that decided to link their fate with journalism, so moved to the Crimean representative MIA "Russia today" in Simferopol.

Previously, the Bridge announced that completes his stint on the Crimean bridge, where the main it now remains Chaika Valera. The cat took the decision to move, as the bridge is built and put into operation.

"No news by me will not run! Become a journalist", - said on the page of the cat in Instagram.

Cat Bridge added that moves to the editor MIA "Russia today" in Simferopol. "Now I will be chief in the Department of coenobita", - explained in the message.

Ivory Bridge – age and talisman construction. Red cat, threw the builders when they came to the shore of the Kerch Strait. Workers put him in the shed. The cat grew up and became the "inspector" on the site. He watched the piles and supports, and for assembling and lifting spans. At the construction site for the Bridge was created by your Department. He led the "Compostadores". Together with the cat construction inspected Valera gull, cormorant Bartholomew, Dolphin, Maxim, Oksana lizard, dog Gypsy and the Fox Lizaveta.

A bridge to the Crimea from the Krasnodar region - the longest in Russia and Europe, its length is 19 kilometers. Road part of the bridge opened in may 2018. Passenger rail service over the bridge was opened in December 2019, freight train - June 30, 2020.