Workers of Amur gas processing plant where the riots took place, offered support

The builders of the Amur gas processing plant (agpz), where the riots took place because of the differences of employees with the contractor, Renaissance Heavy Industries, offered various support measures, said the Governor of the Amur region Vasily Orlov.

Video of the pogrom, published by the regional information Agency skaner28. The footage shows a crowd of men in overalls and masks walking down the corridor of the office building and shouting and swearing ruining the furniture. A video published by the TV channel "Russia 24" where it is shown that in the dining room with scattered chairs and broken glass, also in AGPS turned over several cars.

Two criminal cases under articles "hooliganism" and "riots". According to SK the Russian Federation across the Amur region, the conflict between the contractor and construction workers-citizens of Uzbekistan arose from the refund of the labor patent. "Russia 24" also said that the workers demanded payment of three months of quarantine.

The eagles went to the factory on Monday and, according to the government of the Amur region met with workers at the site AGPS meetings were held with the management of companies, construction, law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

"Workers offered a large set of measures of economic support. This compensatory payments for the stay in quarantine, and a one-time payment of salary to those who were on watch 6 or more months. Company "Renaissance" such measures provide. It is clear that now the issue of perevalovka in connection with the pandemic is very serious, the borders are closed, workers are tired. We expect that the contradictions will be resolved" - quoted Orlov the government of the Amur region.

It is noted that the main work on site in a standard mode, the project employed about 29 thousand workers.

"On the territory of settlements continue to work law enforcement officers", - informs the regional government.