Ukraine has begun an investigation of the U.S. biological laboratories

A criminal investigation into the activities of the American biological laboratories in Ukraine began Tuesday, said the Chairman of political Council of party "Oppositional platform For life" Viktor Medvedchuk.

"Despite the fact that we are in opposition and not in power, and the government is trying to hide everything that happens in these labs, (we - ed.) still forced to initiate criminal proceedings. And today began a criminal investigation into the activities of these laboratories in the center and on the ground," he said at the International inter-party roundtable authoritative parliamentary parties on the theme of "Cooperation in the field of security during a pandemic COVID-19".

Earlier, Medvedchuk and his party Deputy Renat Kuzmin demanded that the Ukrainian authorities to provide information on working in the country the biological laboratories of the United States. The security service of Ukraine said that the country has no foreign biological laboratories, and called on politicians not to spread "false information" for this reason. However, later in the Ministry of health reported that the United States provided technical assistance to laboratories in Ukraine that were previously built or modernized within the program of prevention of proliferation of biological weapons. The working group for comprehensive analysis of the behavior of especially dangerous pathogens in Ukraine recommended that the Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC) to go to the Cabinet of the country to hold an unscheduled inspection of the activities of the microbiological institutions.

Medvedchuk noted that until now attempts by the authorities of Ukraine to close these laboratories was not successful. According to him, the work of the laboratories may have an impact on the health of the population.

"All that is there is a secret to the public sphere in Ukraine and we suspect that this is really a very important point that may influence the situation, including health status of Ukrainian citizens," he said.