The Deputy stated the importance of the transition to digital technologies in education

Go all the way to the digitalization in education is not necessary, but it is necessary already now, without waiting for the next emergency, bring to a high level all the technology that had to resort during a pandemic coronavirus, said the head of the state Duma Committee on Informatica, information technologies and communications Alexander Khinshtein.

"There is no need to go completely to digital. Will end this sad time, children will return to school. But we don't need to wait for the next emergency. We need to Polish off what has been done, now," - said Khinshtein at the meeting of the Council for the development of the digital economy at the Federation Council.

At the organization of distance learning in the pandemic arose a problem of insufficient level of Internet connections in the regions of the Russian Federation, said Khinshtein. He asked Minsitry to present an "objective picture" of where in the country did not have enough traffic.

The Deputy also suggested to the Vice-speaker of the Federation Council Andrei Turchak to prepare a concrete set of suggestions on how to Refine and Polish off all existing for today the volume of digital technology in education.

"Obviously, we need to think in advance and a situation centre. Because in our situation now, the situation centre were not deployed. Objectively lacked the strength and opportunities. But in the future I could think through the model of the situation centre, which could be upgraded for (specific) problem," - said Khinshtein.