The launch of the first UAE probe to Mars was postponed due to bad weather

Space Agency of the UAE Space center and the Mohammed bin Rashid announced Tuesday the postponement of the launch of the first Emirati probe to Mars from Japan due to bad weather conditions, the report said the UAE government on Twitter.

The first is made entirely of Emirati engineers and scientists probe was supposed to go to Mars on Wednesday, July 15.

"The space Agency of the UAE and the Space center Mohammed bin Rashid, in cooperation and after consultation with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, responsible for the launch of the carrier rocket, has announced the postponement of the launch date of the mission UAE Mars exploration probe "Hope" - because of the weather conditions at the launch site on Tanegashima island, Japan," - said in the message.

It is noted that at present specialists consider another date for the launch is in July, which will be announced in the near future.

The spacecraft UAE "Hope" was delivered to the Japanese space center "Tanegashima" for the preparation for launch to Mars in April. The probe was created six years and will become the first UAE mission to Mars, his main task will be to study the planet's atmosphere and its climate.