Roshydromet plans to restore the network of observations of the Arctic ice

To ensure the operation of vessels on the Northern sea route it is necessary to resume the work of ten polar stations in the Arctic seas, and to restore the monitoring stations at the mouths of large Northern rivers, told RIA Novosti the head of Hydromet Igor Shumakov.

In connection with plans to increase volume of cargo transportation via the Northern sea route (NSR), you must provide the court with timely information about the state of the ice. Currently, the Arctic region has only 41 ice station. The overall density of the observation network is insufficient.

"To increase the density of observations and partial fill "white spots" hydro-meteorological ice monitoring is proposed to resume in the waters of the five Arctic seas work ten Arctic stations with a set of ice observations," - said Shumakov.

He also noted that in the future, you should restore observations at hydrological stations at the mouths of the large Northern and Siberian rivers.

"In 1990-e years the number of stations was significantly reduced, and there remains a deficiency, especially lack of data from the Eastern sector of the Arctic," - said Shumakov.

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