In Colorado, they have found a plague-infected squirrel

Plague-infected squirrel discovered in Colorado, said in a statement destava Jefferson County.

"On Saturday, July 11 test proteins, discovered in the town of Morrison, has tested positive for plague," - said power.

It is noted that this is the first such case in the County.

Earlier it was reported that bubonic plague was confirmed at cattleman's in the city of Bayan Nur Inner Mongolia (China). In addition, plague was identified in the West of Mongolia in the region, which borders with the Republic of Altai. Two people got sick. In a press-service of the Russian Embassy in Ulan Bator said that the government of Mongolia took the necessary measures, the reasons for concern.

Plague - an acute infectious disease with a high mortality rate and transmissibility. In natural foci source of infection is Yersinia pestis - are mostly rodents: marmots, gophers, squirrels, rats, and carriers are fleas.