The head of Roshydromet explained the emergence of new Islands in the Arctic

New Islands in the Arctic appear due to the melting of the glaciers and sediments of soil in shallow water, told RIA Novosti the head of Hydromet Igor Shumakov.

"The discovery of so-called "new" Islands in the Arctic due to the degradation of glaciers. This primarily refers to the archipelago of Franz-Joseph. In some cases, of the Peninsula, covered with ice, while the retreat of the glacier was separated by Straits from the main land and thus turned into Islands. Today this process continues and it is difficult to say how many more amendments would have to be made in geographic and navigation maps of the Northern polar region," said Shumkov.

He also noted that Islands are formed and, due to another mechanism – the accumulation of sediments in areas of shallow cans. In particular, as a result of this process created the island Yaya in the Eastern part of the Laptev sea.

The island Yaya was discovered by helicopter pilots, who flights on the Novosibirsk Islands in August 2013. The name arose because of the response of the two pilots on the question of who first spotted the new island. Both said "I do."