Roshydromet estimated the extent of melting ice in the Arctic ocean

The minimum value of ice with 80 years decreased by about half, and perennial ice and did almost disappeared, told RIA Novosti the head of Hydromet Igor Shumakov.

The interlocutor of the Agency noted that experts believe the reduction of ice, the main manifestation of the changes in ice conditions in the Arctic. This happens all year round.

He added that in the waters of Arctic seas of Russia, the ice cover becomes thinner.

"In winter the whole water area of the seas of the Northern sea route continues to be covered with thick annual ice, and the timing of freezing and thawing shifted to October-November and may-June respectively. Especially in the Chukchi sea," — said the head of Roshydromet.

Meanwhile, according to scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand, the lack of multi-year ice is already a few years does not allow for a traditional expedition to the North pole. The fact that the researchers used the surface of the multi-year icebergs as a base for the research station. However, under current climatic conditions, could not find a suitable iceberg for the expedition.

Changing ice conditions associated with global climate change: increase in mean annual temperature in the Arctic is four times faster than the average for the planet.