Media: the Ministry of transport is ready to change the rules of subsidizing airlines

The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation is ready to change the rules of subsidies for airlines, so the carriers were able to fully receive the promised government support for losses due to the coronavirus, said on Tuesday the newspaper "Vedomosti" with reference to the Department.

"Proposals on the rules of subsidizing the airlines were prepared and approved taking into account the situation in the airline industry at the time. The transport Ministry will explore the possibility to change the subsidy rules given the new situation on the market and forecasted indicators of air. To further support the industry, this issue will be worked out jointly with the interested Federal Executive bodies and market participants", – the newspaper quoted the representative of the Ministry of transport.

The publication notes that industry support for the civil aviation subsidies to airlines get adopted in may the decision of the government. According to him, the carriers allocated to 23.4 billion rubles from the reserve Fund of the government. To support the airline on this amount requested by President Vladimir Putin.

But according to the ruling, the industry will get smaller. It airlines get 365 rubles for each passenger that was lost in the February-July compared to the same month last year. The exception is the group of "Aeroflot": it relies on the resolution of 7.89 billion immediately and regardless of the fall traffic. The money "Aeroflot" and its two "daughter" the airline "Russia" and "Aurora" – have already received.

The newspaper writes that now the airlines can expect a maximum of 15 billion to 23.4 billion roubles, taking into account the amounts already given to the group of "Aeroflot". This assessment was made before the resolution of the Ministry of transport. And even this amount would be typed only with virtually zero traffic of Russian airlines in April and July.

However, in June the carriage began to recover, to 2.84 million people, or 22.5% compared to June 2019. Even in April and may of transport, be reset, but it only decreased respectively 12.5 and 11 times. It turns out, airlines will lose nearly 10 billion rubles that Putin promised.