Of Omsk is suspected that he killed his pregnant lover

The inhabitant of Omsk was taken into custody on suspicion of the brutal murder of 33-year-old pregnant lover, whose body he burned, said Tuesday RIA Novosti the investigation Department of insurance in the region.

The murder of a pregnant Omichka happened the night of 12 July on the street 28th North in Omsk.

"Two neighbors went at night in the shop, when he returned home, he saw on the ground floor of the house on fire. Men came into the apartment - the door was open. Began to extinguish, called the police. While extinguishing discovered the body of 33-year-old housewife with signs of violent death. The suspect was arrested and remanded in custody for two months", - told RIA Novosti in the SU IC in the Omsk region.

The Ministry said that the suspect was arrested in hot pursuit on 13 July at 10.00 am local time. According to investigators, 35-year-old friend of the murdered woman recently lived in Moscow. During an argument with a pregnant Omichka he hit her several times with a metal pipe on the head, and when he realized that the woman died, doused her clothes and the sofa flammable liquid and set on fire. After that, the suspect tried to conceal the crime.

A criminal case under article 105 of the criminal code (murder).